Friday, July 20, 2012

First Arrivals!

Hello again! After much obsessive mail-checking I've finally received some of my first 15mm orders!

The 15mm Postal Race:

1st Place: Highlander Studios
2nd Place: RAFM
3rd Place: Rebel Miniatures

(still waiting on Khurasan, Ground Zero Games, and but I'm sure they'll arrive soon enough!)

Well, on to the swag! From Highlander I purchased the most excellent 15mm Space Bugs. They remind me of the Mizar Drones from Jet Force Gemini! These will make PERFECT alien baddies who get cut down in droves. :)

The size is a bit large but still perfectly suited to 15mm. Here is a size comparison shot with a Rebel Minis Earth Force Infiltrator

"Eat laser you cockroach!!"

Also included in the Highlander Studios were a couple of femme fatales. Sadly, their size is a bit large but the models are still usable in my opinion.

From Left to Right: Rebel Minis Earth Force Infiltrator, Highlander QWIK conversion, Highlander Space Bug

Next up from the mail was my RAFM order. RAFM currently casts the old 15mm Traveller(?) miniatures and frankly they are wonderful sculpts full of character and variety! Good cost per model, too.

These figures are the guys and gals I plan to use as freighter crew and generally well-intentioned spacers.

I also dug some old Mechwarrior Clix figures out of the closet for use in 15mm. The size is a bit small but perfectly usable especially for civilian craft. Here is a size comparison with a RAFM 15mm militia model for scale.

A Mechwarrior Clix M.A.S.H. Truck with 15mm

A Mechwarrior Pegasus Light Hovertank with 15mm

Phew! Time for a breather while I wash more minis with Badab Black for photo taking. 

Next up: RAFM spaceport scum/pirates and maybe my first 15mm paintjob!


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  1. the big bug. Gotta get me some, thanks. I'm starting to imagine: "Wade 'the eliminator' Doodson, Mobile Cyber Galactic Bug Exterminator; All terminations guaranteed!"