Saturday, July 21, 2012

First try at painting 15mm

Gave some of the freighter crew a simple paintjob to get a feel for 15mm. Some thoughts I had:

Highlights need to be big and exaggerated in order to be visible
Washes only do so much
I need detail brushes!
Geez, 15mm paints up quickly!

Overall I rate the painting as acceptable but it seems obvious that I'm going to need to adapt to this new tiny scale. Practice makes perfect I guess. They did, however, paint up without a ton of effort so 15mm is already a success in my book.

Here is one more shot for detail and scale. Note to self, build a lightbox. ;)

I love how Sci-Fi settings let you play around with bright colors. The woman in red reminds me of Michael Jackson... in a good way, mind you.

Anyway, thanks for viewing! More to follow.



  1. Don't work too hard. A lot of that fine painting won't even show when you arep laying with them.


    1. True enough! Still, I have a feeling with a little practice and some new techniques I can crank out reasonably detailed paintjobs without taking up too much time or effort. I guess I just like to challenge myself.

      These took all of maybe two hours to paint, and a lot of that involved playing with paint shades and letting coats dry. 15mm really does paint up quickly and I love it! :D

  2. Hey, Blaster...nice to meet another 15mm Scifi adventurer! Your space crew look really spiffed-out in their flight suits! Great job. I'll be keeping an eye-out for you as I rip back and forth through the Scifi Fictional Galaxy in my retro custom saucer-thingy.

    1. Thanks for the follow!

      Its funny you should mention retro saucers because when I was a kid all I ever wanted was the little red spaceship from the Spaceman Spiff comics. :D