Monday, July 23, 2012

Freighter Vac-suit Crewmen

In between experimenting with a color scheme for my Space Bugs I knocked out some RAFM "padded armor infantry" done up as vac-suited crewmen. I've never painted much of anything in white before and to be honest it was kind of a pain in the butt. I think they turned out nicely though, all things considered. I gave them a combination basecoat/primer of white, washed them with Badab Black and then highlighted in white. I also added some liquitex extra high gloss varnish to the visors for that outer space look.

From L to R: Security, Engineer, Shift Leader, Medic, Security

I love space suits! Anyway, expect Space Bugs in the next post. Hopefully my other orders will show up in the mail today, too. Especially the order since I need those bases to properly base my models the way I want.



  1. Looking good so far!

    I like the factions and dig the sort of retro feel you seem to be going for with the colorful weapons.


    1. Thanks, Eli!

      Glad to see you enjoy the retro feel. I've been watching Flash Gordon lately so its been rubbing off on me.

  2. Oh, how I hate to paint using white. Those came out really nice. I wonder how they would look with some head swaps?

    1. Glad you like them! They would probably take to headswaps pretty well thanks to the way the helmet meets the shoulders.

      I love your Astro Crew miniatures, by the way! I plan to purchase some for use as intrepid Space Rangers. :)