Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Greetings! BFH here with a preliminary update!

My GZG order was just placed yesterday and while it was a first it was certainly not going to be the last. I've just placed another order today with both RAFM for their 15mm Traveller figs and for some of their Laserburn figures as well as some of their SHM range (sculpted by Eli, no less!). I didn't end up using their new blister packs, sadly, as I have to both limit my spending on individual sellers and not overwhelm myself with hundreds of unpainted figures. Next up, Khurasan and Rebel Minis!

In other news I'm idly musing over my Sci-Fi setting that I'm simply dubbing the "Blasterverse" for the time being while I work on renovating my basement in to a proper space. It was a dingy, leaky old thing for the longest time until I just recently got pissed off enough at it to vow to clean, repair, and furnish it for good. Most of the grunt work is now done but progress was interrupted by my sister's wedding in June. Now I'm back on track though and I can't wait to finish off the floor so I can throw up some walls and claim a nice hobby/gaming room. The dedicated space will be very helpful indeed!

Anyway, more stuff to come. Thanks for reading! :)


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