Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If at first you don't succeed...

Ok, so my last foray with Space Bugs didn't end so well. But you know the old saying, so I dusted off my pride and set about trying again. I'm much happier this time. Anyway, on to the pictures!

Up first is a deadly foe from the 15mm RAFM Infantry Pack 3 range. These figures, despite their age, are just plain awesome! I plan to use these models to represent a hardcore band of Space Pirates that raid ships and colonies with military precision. Not entirely certain on a name, but I'm leaning toward the Crimson Corsairs or perhaps more simply the Crimson Company.

More good news! The GZG order arrived today, and with it was my much needed GZG Workbots. These models are adorable and I can't wait to paint them. I wanted to make my workbot suited to the previously posted Freighter Crew so I did two things. First, I setttled on a simple paint scheme of construction yellow. Secondly, I filed the top of his 'eyes' down flat so his expression is somewhat more business-like than "Not Wall-E". :P

The new Space bug color scheme reminds me of the elites from Halo. The new white eyes adds some of that much needed 'pop'. After having tried and failed to incorporate some orange on my previous Bugs I opted to use an orange color for the weapon of these bugs. I think it was a wise choice.

The carapace still lacks a highlight but I'm too thrilled with the success of the color scheme to worry about it.

More to come soon. Hopefully my other orders will show up soon. 15mm.co.uk is shipping from Scotland so I can see why that might be slow, but there is still no hide nor hair of the Khurasan order and that was supposed to ship last week! Most distressing. Ah well, I'm sure it will surprise me yet.



  1. Nice looking curmudgeons, Blaster. BTW: My 15.co.uk orders have always got to me in no more than seven days from the shipping date...and I live in Southern Calif.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Also, as luck would have it my 15mm.co.uk order just arrived today! Now all I need is the Khurasan order.