Sunday, July 22, 2012

Independant Army

Hello, again!

Been a slow Sunday so I painted up my first squad of Independent Army soldiers. They are low-mid tech soldiers that fight off raiders and aliens with what are essentially Space Garands.

"Move your ass, Private!"

Excellent little 15s, ain't they? Gotta love RAFM for still casting them.


The Independent Protectorate is a major faction in the universe I'm cooking up. They are an alliance of planetary systems that seceded from the Solar Union during the Solar-Drax War. The Solars were bled white from the fighting with the Draxxians, and without a means of ending the secessionist movement militarily the Solar High Command begrudgingly accepted the secession of the Independents, albeit with the intention of someday 'pacifying' them once the opportunity arose.

The Independents are too loosely organized and resource-poor to compete with the Solars in terms of tech, but they make up for their material disadvantages with time-honored warfare tactics and armories of old yet reliable laser blasters from the First Age of Expansion.


Here's a shot of my WIP crew of Space Pirates. I'm not sure if I'll paint them next, though. I do feel like painting Bad Guys but I'd prefer something I can line paint easily. Space Bugs, maybe?

Anyway, I'm off to say a prayer that my GZG or orders will arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed!



  1. Nice work, Blaster. I appreciate you painting-up the Rafm troops. I've had some for years, and now that I can see how sweet they are, I'll move them closer to the paint shop.

    1. Thanks! The figures are quite nice, it'd be a shame to let them go unpainted. ;)