Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Space Bugs!

Some of the Space Bugs, probably going to call them the Formians or Formicidians or some play on their genus name.

I'd really like to see Spacejacker take a crack at these. I'm sure he could do them justice!

To be honest I'm not really thrilled with these paintjobs at all. I wasn't satisfied with my standard wash method so I tried an alternative (lazy) style of laying down a single shade of blue for the shells with a lighter blue highlight around the edges. The final product lacks visual 'pop' and I'm strongly considering just stripping them and trying again. I'm also lamenting not going with purple for these guys because how often do you get to paint Bad Guys purple?

I'd better cleanse my palette while I ponder and brood.



  1. They look like trouble in the galaxy is here! Maybe a little orange added somewhere will give a compliment to the dominant blue color.

    1. The ants have come to ruin the galaxy's picnic! ;)

      A little orange might be good! Maybe I could add in some orange buttons or something to the blaters to liven them up a bit. Like a safety or something. I was tempted to make their blasters a bright color but I figured Bad Guys deserve dirty, metallic guns.

  2. Maybe a blue or even black wash, especially into the deeper spots and then "clean up" with blue again.

    1. A blue wash/ink might be a good idea. I'd rather try that than simply starting again from scratch.

      Also, thanks for the follow! I really like your Khurasan Rebels :D