Friday, July 27, 2012

Space Pirates

Hello! Back again from a brief lapse with some progress. Despite my successful test of the Crimson Company (coin tossed for that name) I decided it was criminal to paint 'elite' space pirates without painting up some drab cannon fodder pirates first. So here they are:

The sinister leader, "Black Mask"


Touched up and as finished as I'll make them

Note, the new 20mm bases from! They are so tiny that its adorable.

These miniatures are from the RAFM 15mm line. I believe the mustached man is a captain from their 'Crewmen' pack and the rest are from the 'Guerillas' and 'Space Pirates' packs. All in all decent figures for use as throw-away baddies. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the potato-faced guy with the shotgun though, mostly because he has no ears and extremely mushy details for a face. He might wind up being my first head swap.

All in all I find the paintjobs satisfactory but nothing to write home about. I still need to give the weapons another highlight upon further inspection.

On the brighter side of things, my order arrived with the Laserburn and SHM figures I ordered. Eli's sculpts are quite nice in person and I can't wait to paint up some of his aliens because it feels like I've been painting too many humans! I've already got a small narrative brewing in my mind and have started divvying up the figures in to two rivals gangs who will battle over the spacestation of Nu Y'rk. ;)

Also, apparently my Khurasan order is being held up a tad... but thats ok! That gives me motivation to finish painting my current stuff before it arrives.

Next up, I need to touch up the Space Pirates, finish some Crimson Company and then prime some SHM aliens. All hail 15mm!



  1. These baddies look like "they're cruisin' for a bruisin'!"

    1. According to the 10 Baddie Commandments, at least one of these men will get shot and topple off of a catwalk while making a Wilhelm Scream. ;)

  2. You do some nice work BFH.
    Blogger seems to be playing around at the moment..I´ve tried 4 time to follow but it won´t let me <:-/.Same with another couple of blogs so it´s not just you. I´ve added you to my blog roll and will join as soon as blogger gets back to normal..

    1. Wow, thanks! I've been reading your blog for ages so its cool to see you here. You're one hell of a prolific painter!

  3. They remind me of the Joker's clown-masked bank robbers from TDK...