Monday, September 17, 2012

Not dead!

Boy, there goes my painting streak! Life and laziness have conspired to keep me away from my painting long enough. I broke the cycle today by finishing off a test figure for my Bug Baddies since it was relatively simple.

I don't know about you guys but does basing your minis sap your creativity, too? I hate having to do it.

Left: Khurasan Mantis, Right: GZG 6mm Bug

The "kermit-green" fellow on the left is going to be a Mantoid, a warrior breed of bug designed to complement the Formians who comprise the bulk of the bug's line infantry. Mantoids are fast, deadly, and motivated by instinct. Their predatory nature makes them great for use as shock troopers since they can operate ahead of the main force without needing to rely on contact with command for orders or resupply. Furthermore, they don't share the trademark weakness of Formian infantry in that they do not require a "brain bug" NCO to maintain unit cohesion.

The little critter on the right is a Mite. They are the guard dogs of the bug armies and serve a number of functions. They can aid in an assault, they can sniff out bombs or non-insect creatures, and they can dig small tunnels and holes to aid frontline infantry. Truly esteemable little creatures... assuming you're a bug. Otherwise they are foul, carnivorous pests!


  1. Color looks good. Nice job, Blaster.

    1. Thanks! I love really obnoxious green colors.

  2. It's true, that leafy green is perfect for these mantis guys. I'd give him some nice strong highlights on those eyes so they look shiny... at this scale I wouldn't worry if they're compound eyes, and just highlight them as spheres. Or you could just gloss varnish them, that's a totally legitimate approach IMO.