Friday, January 4, 2013


Back once more! Sorry to any fans but I cheated on 15mm for a while and was on something of a Warhammer kick, =I=munda, Nercomunda, and In the Emperor's Name specifically. Standard Warhammer 40k doesn't seem to hold my interest these days. I find there is more creativity in the modeling and narrative in the versions I prefer.

Anyway, heres what I ended up completing since last I updated the blog:

Some Necromunda Scavvies and/or general purpose Post-Apocalyptic Scum-of-the-Earth
(most of these figures are converted Star Wars miniatures)

Heres some WIP terrain. Note the CD base (stolen idea from Spacejacker) and the scrapbooking paper 'metal' (stolen idea from Eli of Iseeleadpeople)

This Imperial Guardsman was painted for a friend of mine. Its a Steel Legion soldier thats had its Imperial iconography shaved off and replaced with the red star of his dissident faction. They sided with the Tau, the wretches...

Here is my first Greenstuff conversion! This 'savant' is based off of "Uber Aemos" from the Eisenhorn series of books. Great books by the way, I totally endorse them!
(note WIP servitors with stolen mechwarrior agri-mech tools. Also the servo-skull made from florist wire, some GS and a punch of plasticard)


Sorry for the long delay, but the heart wants what it wants I guess. Its strange to feel guilt over betraying one miniature scale for another! How pathetic. Anyway, 15mm ho!

Also, Happy New Year!


  1. Welcome back! Having fun is what it's all about. Fun on, Blaster!!

    1. Likewise, man! Glad to see you're still sculpting. I'm giving sculpting a whirl myself, although nothing as ambitious as you are doing.

  2. Very cool. Have you considered getting into 28mm scale games of Inquisitor?

    1. I've considered it, but I have heard that Inquisitor games can be quite complicated. With my group complicated rules are like kryptonite!